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Bulgarian mountains

The Vitosha Mountain

The Vitosha Mountain is ancient Bulgarian mountain rising proudly near the capital of Sofia, in-between Stara Planina and Rila. The highest peak is Cherni Vrah- 2290 m above sea level, take the forth place with national park of Vitosha. The mountain offers excellent conditions for winter sports- skiing, snowboard, and sledges. Life guards keep watch near the runs, facilities include ski lifts and drags- The gondola lift stars from Simeonovo, while chair lift from Dragalevtsi, the Romanski chair lift starts from Aleko and ends at Cherni Vrah. The most famous ski runs are Vetrovala, Laleto (the longest one), Green and Blue, the Rabbit and the Wall. The first Bulgarian reserve Bistrishko Branishte is located here, and later was established second one Torfeno Branishte. The river Struma springs from Vitosha Mountain. The famous hostel Shtastlivetsa and initial point to Boyana water fall are located on north slopes. The famous Moreni (rocky rivers formations) are tourist attraction every weekend and all the year round.

The Pirin Mountain

The Pirin Mountain is second Bulgarian mountain, located west from the Rhodopes, and south from the Rila mountain in-between the rivers of Struma and Mesta. The ancient the Thracians named it Oberus; while later the Slavs give it name Perun. The highest peak is Vihren- 2914 m above sea level, follows by Kutelo, Todorka, and Banderishki chukar, Sveshtnik, Djengel, Chengelchal, Golyam Polejan, Sinanitsa, Orelyak, Kamenitsa, Strajite and Koncheto. Pictures kettles Todororova polyana and Popovi livadi deserve to be seen. The Pirin mountain has splendid flora and fauna- more 1350 plants (pines, white firs, pine spruces, spruces est.) and more 2100 animals (bear, deer, wolf, fox EST.). World famous ski resort of Bansko is situated here. Pirin national park is favourite place for mountaineers, winter holiday makers, hunters and EST. The Pirin mountain is surrounded by tourist towns of Sandanski, Bansko,  and Melnik- the area have many visitors from Bulgaria and abroad.

The Stara Planina Mountain

The Stara Planina in ancient times named Hemus and later The Balkan (origin of Balkan Peninsula) divided Bulgaria in two parts- north and sought, widely spread from the Black sea (the Emine cape) to Belogradchik passage. The highest peak is Botev – 2376 m above sea level, follow by Midjur and Bulgarka. There are great heritage and many monuments in the Stara Planina- most popular is Shipka. The mountain has slating slopes. The forest covered the mountain consist of pine and oak forests. Flora and fauna are very miscellaneous. Central part of Stara Planina is saturated with resorts and towns for holidays and rest- Gabrovo, Troyan, Tryavna, Elena, Gabrovo, Apriltsi, Kotel and EST. The region is covers by many hotels and hostels, visit by many Bulgarian and foreign tourists. There are many strongholds defend Bulgaria from invaders.

The Rila Mountain

The Rila Mountain is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and Balkan Peninsula as well, situated in west part of the country, surrounded by mountains Pirin, Rhodopes, Vitosha and Lyulin. Its take the sixth place in Europe. The highest peak is Musala- 2925 m above sea level, follow by Malyovitsa, Belmeken and Golyam Mechi peak. The Rila slopes are very steeps carved by rivers of Bistritsa, Maritsa, Iskar and Mesta and many hollows in-between. In Rila are located the famous- The Seven Rila lakes, many mineral springs and dams. Famous spa resorts of Kostenets, Separeva Banya and Dolna Banya are located here. International ski resort of Borovets is located in the mountain. The Rila Mountain is very appropriate for tourism, mountaineering, hunting and fishing. Holliday villages of Semkovo, Panichishte, Govedartsi and Malyovitsa have many visitors from Bulgaria and abroad all the year. There is a project for gondola lift stars from Separeva Banya to Borovets.

The Rhodopes Mountain

The most attractive mountain tourist destination is the Rhodopes mountain- old name is Slaveevi hills. It’s situated in-between Rila and Pirin mountains and the Thracian lowland, having flowing lays and rolling hills, which create prefer conditions for holidays. Here are located a few ski resorts the biggest one is Pamporovo, followed by Chepelare, Momchilovtsi EST. The mountain is covered by lakes, rivers, dams and mineral springs. The rivers of Arda, Vycha, Vyrbitsa and dams of Batak, Dospat, Kardjali, Studen Kladenets a part of water treasure in Bulgaria. The Rhodopes Mountain is very rich of pine and oak forests. Spa resorts of Velingrad, Narechen, Banite and Devin are oftenly visited tourist places. The unique caves called- Dyavolskoto Gyrlo and Yagodinskata Peshtera (cave) are located here. The Bachkovo monastery and Sveta Gora (the St. Forest) carrying the virtues of Bulgarian nation and spirit of the centuries and ancient strongholds of Perperikon and Ustra. The highest peaks are Malak and Golyam Perelik, Shirokolyjki Snejnik, Golyamata Syutnya EST. The flora and fauna of the Rhodopes Mountain include more 2030 plants and more 1500 animals. Nice areas are Gyavolskia bridge, Trigradskoto Jdrelo, Chudnite bridges EST.

Best Bulgarian ski resorts

Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Chepelare, Velingrad.

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+35956845060 Beach & ski holidays in Bulgaria; +35956826655 online hotel reservations

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+35956845060 Beach & ski holidays in Bulgaria; +35956826655 online hotel reservations

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