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Bulgarian resort of international importance St. Konstantin and Elena hosts dozens comfortable hotel complex. Having the advantage is unique in nature and climate zone corresponding to the highest criteria for a summer holiday centre. St. Konstantine and Elena is the oldest Bulgarian resort. It is glorious as calm destination from the Black Sea coastline with stylish comfortable hotels taking tourists for holidays throughout the year. Dating from the early 20th century as a resort with balneological development, he subsequently proved one of the most popularly summer vacation and procedures during the rest of the year. In search of holiday offers, tourists navigate not only value hotel in St. Elias, but also popular all inclusive functionality.


The resort center Sveti Konstantin and Elena has an enviable beauty defined by the landscape and its location on the western Black Sea coast. Just 12 km away is the largest coastal city. Around the complex are located Albena, Sunny Day. The distance to Varna Airport is 25 km. Banks include bays with clear water and golden sands. Around it are scattered many resorts.


the territory of the resort is famous for several centuries Ecksinograd - popular not only the relevance but also with his own wine. Also known as the most ancient spa resort on the Black Sea, the complex has many mineral springs and dense oak forest. Mineral waters occupy an important place in the spa procedures of each hotel in St. Konstantine and Elena. The natural resources of the forest, mineral Resources Sea is very useful and convenient for summer holidays.

Constantine & Elena hotels hotels 3 star ***
Hotel Atlant *** Hotel Gloria All Inclusive ***
Hotel Koral ***
Constantine & Elena hotels hotels 4 star ****
Hotel Aqua Azur hotel All Inclusive **** Hotel Azalia Ultra All Inclusive ****
Hotel Dolphin All Inclusive **** Hotel Dolphin Marina All Inclusive ****
Hotel Estreya Palace All Inclusive **** Hotel Estreya Residence All Inclusive ****
Hotel Lebed All Inclusive **** Hotel Ritza All Inclusive ****
Hotel Romance Spa hotel **** Hotel Rubin All Inclusive ****
Hotel Sirius Beach All Inclusive **** Hotel Splendid ****
Hotel Sveta Elena All Inclusive ****
Constantine & Elena hotels hotels 5 star *****
Hotel Grand hotel Varna All Inclusive *****



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